Jesus Tells All In John 3:16

Have you ever wondered why this single sentence has had such an impact for the Kingdom?

The genius of Christ is that He is able to lay everything on the line in one power-packed sentence. He explains who He is, why He came to earth, why it matters.  Ultimately, it all boils down to God and  when we are able to wrap our hearts and minds around what Jesus is telling us in this oft quoted verse, we come a little closer to Him and His grace that is Good News to all humanity. We here at Christ Bearer Ministries believe that Jesus’ message that He spearheaded in this all important passage can lead to not just a revivals, but a revolution in the Christian Church. Christopher C. Randolph, the founder of Christ Bearer Ministries, unpacks John 3:16 as he teaches about the divinity of Jesus Christ, the fundamentality of faith and what Jesus means by “eternal life”.  Contact Mr. Randolph today to set up an appointment for your church today.


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