Open Arms Church Needs Prayer

faithful leading the faithful

faithful leading the faithful

You know how it is.  You trust some one with an important mission and are confident that this mission will be accomplished.  In fact, for the longest time, you have no reason to believe that your trust is in vain.

Enter Open Arms Church in Senegal.  Word has reached Christ Bearer Ministries that the agent who they entrusted their rent money to (and whom their landlord trusted to collect said rent) absconded with months and months of rent monies from not only Open Arms Church but the other apartments and rentals owned by this landlord.

Pastor Rex of Open Arms Church is confident that our Lord will provide, but he is asking for prayer because what they need is way more than what they currently have.

Since Pastor Rex is confident that God will provide for his flock then Christ Bearer Ministries invites you to join us in praying that God is honoring that confidence right now by providing a miracle on their behalf.  Do not delay, Lord in providing for this flock who is being led by such a faithful saint. AMEN!


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