Monthly Archives: March 2014


Our Lord has given Pastor Randolph a message to preach to the people of God. Pastor says that it is an evangelistic message that will impact believers in a mighty way and bring many into the fold.

Jesus is real and He is coming. You and your congregation need to hear this life changing message.

Email christbearerministries@gmail for details and how to bring Pastor Randolph to your church or parachurch today!



God made a promise to Abraham and it didn’t happen the way he could have expected. God promised a Messiah, and He wasn’t the king that was expected.


What has God promised you? Pay close attention to precisely what God has promised and do not muddy His promises with your own desires and expectations. Keep your faith and you will experience much more than you ever expected. God is, after all, exceedingly greater than anyone can possibly conceive.

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