Who Was Cain’s Wife Really? a rebuttal to the Answers in Genesis theory

From Mr. Randolph’s blog. As always he takes a view less traveled in his interpretation and conclusions even while remaining true to Scripture.

Christopher C. Randolph

You’ll likely notice the  rampant extra-Biblical assumptions that litter  this chapter of Answers in Genesis’ new  “Answers” book. I’d provide a link but I don’t wish to encourage anyone to read such an erroneous document. But click on the image below or the URL and you can read the chapter on Cain’s wife.  I will be addressing some crucial errors  below.

 Cain’s Wife – Who was She?

by Ken Ham



Where to Begin?

Mr Ham is, as far as I can tell, well intentioned. He does a good job of delineating the common line of evangelical thinking.  Many established  evangelical professors wholeheartedly agree with him and it is not uncommon for evengelical and pentecostal preachers to use Answers in Genesis as a reference to prove their point. “According to Answers in Genesis…”. The long and short of it is that Ken Ham and his Answers in Genesis team are…

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