These innocents were found in a dumpster outside of “clinic” in Michigan. Many were “partial birth” abortions in which the baby is  murdered just be fore birth. I ask you, Does it get much sicker than that?

Where’s the national outcry?!?
Oh. That’s right. Whole sale slaughter of innocents is legal and as we all know, “legal” = “right and just”.

Pharaoh would be proud

If these were murdered puppies, there would be people picketing and screaming about animal cruelty (illegal and rightly so), the facility would be shut down and Barry would give a 40 minute speech to “condemn the inhumanity of someone who would perpetrate such a violent act” Pharaoh would be proud.

To the Michigan state department’s credit, this has not gone unnoticed. (Which means this is not an unusual occurance.),,7-164–265169–,00.html



There is much speculation concerning the end of days lately. Below is a piece of a logical and adroit interpretation of Revelation.

Christopher C. Randolph

The scroll with seven seals to be opened only by the Lamb of God. The scroll with seven seals to be opened only by the Lamb of God.

The Seven Seals

Now I watched when the Lamb opened one of the seven seals, and I heard one of the four living creatures say with a voice like thunder,“Come!” (Revelation 6:1, ESV)


As we enter into Chapter Six of Revelation, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with the imagery and symbolism that is presented to us as readers.  It’s important to remember that John is recalling for us his visions that he was given by Jesus while in the Spirit. We must then tread carefully and prayerfully; allowing the Spirit who allowed such visions to guide us in understanding them.

So far we have a progression. The vision began by examining seven churches on earth. Yes, the message to each of these churches was meant for all of us but the messages were also to seven specific churches…

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